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(Physical) 914 St. John Street; (Mailing) 515 Cathedral Street, Lafayette, Louisiana, 70501 337-232-1322
Museum/Gift Shop/Religious Art Gallery
The Museum & Gift Shop is open Monday- Thursday, 9:00 AM–Noon & 1:00 PM–4:00; Fridays from 9:00 AM- Noon. 

Our Gift Shop offers gifts suitable for all occasions.

The Cathedral Museum, located inside the Cathedral Center, features memorabilia of the early bishops of the diocese and pastors of the Cathedral, historical documents, liturgical vestments, and vessels of the pre-Vatican II era. The museum also commemorates the persons and events that contributed to the history of St. John Cathedral Parish which spans 185 years. Included in the exhibit are the official diocesan and papal documents which established both the parish in 1821 and the diocese in 1918. In addition to photographs and books of priests who have served in the parish are memorabilia of four notable persons who are buried in the church or its cemetery: Bishop Jeanmard, first bishop of Lafayette; Bishop Schexnayder, second bishop of Lafayette; Bishop Gerald Frey, third bishop of Lafayette; and Ambassador Jefferson Caffery, ambassador to France.
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Exhibits of Special Interest
Porcelain Religious Artwork by Ms. Jo Ann Butler
New Pieces of Holy Mary, Mother of God


Housed in The Cathedral Museum is an outstanding collection of Baroque Neapolitan crèche, or presepio, perhaps one of the finest and most extensive in the country. It was written in the Smithsonian, December 1991, that “the cache is the passion and pride of partners Jeffrey Gueno and Frank Hanley (now deceased), whose talents and shared interests in miniatures, antiques, art, design and collecting enabled them to assemble this remarkable display”.

Historical Vestment Exhibit

Made possible by the family of the late Bishop Gerard L. Frey, our newest exhibit features his liturgical vestments, a crosier and miter, and photographs. His Episcopal cross and chalice were rescued from the mud and debris after his home in Bay St. Louis, MS was blown away by Hurricane Katrina. The chalice is being repaired and will soon be added to the exhibit.

Featured Items for Sale

Cathedral Choir "Cantique" & "Christmas Night" CDs

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Sample Cathedral Choir CDs
The Cathedral Choir
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“By the Grace of God” 
The Memoirs of Msgr. Richard Mouton
On Sale in the Cathedral Gift Shop
For $15.00

  • Benedictine Blessing Bracelets 
  • Religious Jewelry & Statues 
  • Daily Inspirational Books & Picture Frames 
  • Do-It-Yourself 30 Day Retreat Books 
  • "Lourdes" Water 
  • Prayer Cards & Pendants 
  • Tempered Glass Religious Wind Chimes 
  • Hand-made Crucifix with Cathedral Crest

“A History of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist” contains a wealth of information and beautiful photographs of the Cathedral that will delight visitors and parishioners alike. Photographs are the work of photographer, Jay Faugot, life-long resident of Lafayette. This 79 page book is available for $8.00 in the Gift Shop or may be pre-ordered and shipped to your home for $10.50 .
Pre-arranged tours are available of the Cathedral, St. John Oak, the Cemetery, and Cathedral Museum. Please call us at 337-232-1322 to schedule a guided tour two weeks prior to your visit.
Adults $3.00
Senior Citizens $2.00
Children 12 and under $1.00

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