Bulletin Submission

Bulletin Submission

Please submit your announcement using the Request Forms located in the Cathedral Center or on our parish website. We will no longer accept any announcements over the telephone to avoid the chance of any miscommunication of your information. If you wish to email your announcement please attach the request form and email to cdomingue@saintjohncathedral.org using the subject BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT.
DEADLINE: To ensure that there is room in the bulletin for your announcement, we would encourage you to submit your request at least three weeks in advance. Also, please let us know how many weeks you would like us to run this announcement.
INCLUSION: All requests are reviewed before publication. We reserve the right to edit your announcement for length and content, if necessary.
**Note: If the event is being held on our church grounds, (Cathedral Church, Cathedral Hall, Cathedral Center, Spirituality Center, Youth Center) please make sure that your request for facility use has been approved before it can be announced in the bulletin.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Announcements should be directed to the entire congregation (or large subsets of the parish).
CONTACT INFO: Your announcement MUST include contact information. We also ask to please double-check phone numbers and e-mail addresses for accuracy.
BULLETIN INSERTS: As a rule – we will only include bulletin inserts for Special Emphasis events.
OUTSIDE EVENTS: Any outside organization wanting to make an announcement in the bulletin, will need to have the approval of the Pastor. Please contact the Cathedral Center and speak with Mrs. Danielle Huval at 337-232-1322 or send an email to the following address: dhuval@saintjohncathedral.org.
  • The Person Submitting the Announcement
  • Include Name, Phone, and Email
  • We reserve the right to edit your announcement if necessary
  • If you would like to submit your own images or artwork, please do that here.


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