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    Rated load: 25,000 kgs
    Load center: 900 mm
    Operating weight: 35,000 kgs
    Wheel base: 4,000 mm
    1, adopt double pump confluence working hydraulic system, greatly reduce fuel consumption, energy consumption. Hydraulic system equipped with oil radiator and back pressure protection device, ensure the machine heat balance
    2, use Hangchi, Sanchi planet type hydraulic power shift transmission, big traction in combined operating condition, the transmission system more reliable.
    3, using speed limit valve and pressure selector valve, reduce the hydraulic system impact, can lower the mast to the ground when engine flame out
    4, cooperate with hercynian institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences “overall structure optimization scheme”, verifies the stiffness and strength calculation, fatigue life forecast on the forklift, comprehensive finite element mechanics analysis, structure design optimization, ensure the security of the products use

    Forklift maintenance 2
    1、Inspect leakage condition, emphasis are connectors of all tubes, which are located in fuel tank, oil tank,brake pump,lift and fall down oil cylinder, tilt oil cylinder, steering oil cylinder,side shift oil cylinder, water tank, water pump, engine oil pan, torque converter,drive axle, main reducing gear, hydraulic steering gear.
    2、Inspect air pressure of tyre, please supplement it to specified value if not enough, confirm air tight. Check the bottom and side of tyre whether have damaged, whether rim distorted.

    ItemItem detailsUnit
    FeaturesRated LoadQ(t)28
    Load centerc(mm)1250
    ChassisTyre Specs.:Front
    Tyre Specs.:Rear
    Tyres Qty,front/rear(X-drive wheels)
    Wheel tread:Frontb10(mm)2420
    Wheel tread:Rearb11(mm)2390
    DimensionMast/carriage tilt angle(front/rear)Degree(°)6\12
    Mast height(fork lowering)h1(mm)3950
    Mast lifting heighth3(mm)3500
    Max.lifting heighth4(mm)5700
    Height to head guard(height to cab)h6(mm)3800
    Overall height(with forks)l1(mm)9590
    Fork front vertical surface to the rear end of the vehiclel2(mm)7150
    Overall widthb1/b2(mm)3200
    Fork dimensions/e(mm)2440X320X110
    Fork carriage widthb3(mm)3100
    Mast min ground clearance (with load)m1(mm)350
    Wheelbase center min ground clearance(with load)m2(mm)410
    Min.Turning radiusWa(mm)7260
    Travel speed(with load/without load)km/h24/28
    PerformanceMax.lifting speed(with load/without load)mm/s260/280
    Max.Lowering speed(with load/without load)mm/s250/180
    Gradeablity(with load/without load)%20/21
    Driving brake
    Hydraulic clamp disc
    Engine brand/modelOptional oneWeichai engine
    9.726L 178KW 2200rpm
    Optional twoDongfeng Cummins
    8.3L 194KW 2200rpm
    Cylinder No.6
    OthersTransmission gears(Front/rear)
    Attachments working pressurebar180
    Attachments using oil amountl/min80
    Customized Heavy Duty Forklift


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