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Our Baptism Process

Welcoming new Christians into the Church

Read Information on Baptism Given on this Page

There are often many questions about the Sacrament of Baptism. Please read the information on this page carefully.


Complete Baptism Inquiry Form

This form has just a little information, and will get you started in the process.


Meet With Baptism Coordinator

This meeting can take place in person or on the phone. Our Baptism Coordinator will gather all information needed. The date of the baptism will be set at this point.


Prepare for the Sacrament

If this is your first child to be Baptized, you will need to attend a Baptism Seminar. There are also forms that need to be completed before the big day.


Baptism Day

Begin the journey of a Baptized member of the Body of Christ.

While this information provides much, there is so much more to learn 
about this beautiful sacrament. If after reading the Q & A you have any further questions,
please do not hesitate to contact our office.
Baptism Contact: Mrs. Brittany Primeaux

BAPTISM: Information & Frequently Asked Questions
Download a Parent Policy Packet

Who do I call to begin the process?
Call the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist (337-232-1322) and ask for Mrs. Brittany Primeaux, Director of Religious Education. You will be expected to make an appointment to discuss the Baptism Policies if you have not had a child baptized here since 2010 or if this is the first time you have a child baptized here at the Cathedral.

What if I am not a registered parishioner of St. John Cathedral Parish, can I still have my child baptized here?
Canonical policy states that sacraments are to be administered in one’s home church parish of registration. Therefore, if you are not officially registered as a parishioner of St. John Cathedral, you must provide a written Letter of Permission, from your Pastor of the Church parish where you are registered, stating the following:
              • Declaring that you are an active, registered parishioner with your parish church.
              • That you are in good standing with the Catholic Church.
              • That the Pastor gives permission for your child to receive the sacrament of Baptism here at the Cathedral of St. John the
              • This must be provided BEFORE a Baptism can be scheduled.

How do I know what Catholic Church parish I belong to?
  • Your physical home address constitutes the church parish you should register with. However, you can choose to register with "a Catholic Church parish" outside of your geographical area. In order to be considered a Catholic in good standing, you must be committed to a Catholic Church parish so as to ensure that you and your family members are both sharing and benefiting from reception of the Sacraments and overall life of the Church community. 
  • If you are new to Lafayette and would like to find out which Catholic Church is located in your geographical boundaries you can call any local Catholic Church or go to and click on “PARISHES” and then on “PARISH FINDER”. 

When and where do Baptisms take place?
  • When: Baptisms are normally held on Saturdays (following the 4:00PM Mass) and Sundays (following the 11AM Mass). 
  • Where: In the Cathedral. Because of space constraints, only two (2) babies can be baptized at one time. 

Who celebrates the Baptism?
  • A Cathedral parish priest or deacon celebrates the Baptism. 
  • If you request a priest or deacon whose assignment is not in the Diocese of Lafayette, a “Letter of Suitability” for the priest or deacon is required from the Bishop of that celebrant’s Diocese, stating that the celebrant is in good standing. It is the responsibility of parents to obtain and present this “Letter of Suitability” to St. John Cathedral 2 weeks before the Baptism.

Who is required to take the Sacrament of Baptism Preparation Class?
  • Both parents and both Godparents are required to attend. 
  • Baptism instructions are required for first-time parents and Godparents. 
  • Classes are alternating months in the Cathedral Center. Pre-register for these classes by calling Mrs. Brittany Primeaux at 337-232-1322. 
  • If you are unable to attend the class here at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, it is the responsibility of the parent/godparent to arrange to attend a class at another Catholic Church parish. A signed official certificate of attendance - from the parish where the class was taken - must be turned in two weeks prior to the scheduled Baptism. 

What if one parent is not a Catholic?
In the event of a mixed religion marriage, the Catholic party must remember his/her commitment made to the Church at their wedding ceremony in promising to raise the children as Catholics. One parent must be a baptized Catholic.

What if the parents are not legally married?
If the parents are unmarried, we will not be able to list the name of the father of the baby unless we receive either
              • A copy of the State Certificate of Live Birth listing the father’s name or;
              • A legal copy defined by Canon law 877, which reads
‘the name of the father is to be entered if his paternity is established either by some public document or by his own declaration in the presence of the parish priest and two witnesses.’
This sworn statement must be notarized.
              • Either one of the public documents must be provided at least two (2) weeks prior to the baptism taking place.
Dear Parents,
At this time, I also want to impress upon you the seriousness of selecting Godparents/Sponsors who are rooted in their Catholic faith. Please think long and hard about who will be the Godparents for your child and then PRAY for God’s validation of your choice. You see, the Godparent/s will remain an important figure throughout your child’s life. They can never be replaced because their commitment is sealed in the Sacrament of Baptism.

These are the adults who your child can turn to for extra support when life experiences demand that virtuous decisions be made. These are the adults who should be there to celebrate successes and give support when your child is faced with struggles. These are the adults whose way of life will speak volumes to your child. They are the ones who walk by your side as you try to lead your child toward heaven.

The information provided below should set you on the path to the right choice! So, please read carefully and call if you have questions.

As your pastor, I join with you in prayer as you discern who will be the Godparents for your child.
Very Reverend Chester C. Arceneaux, VF, Rector of Cathedral

Godparents/Sponsors: Information & Frequently Asked Questions

How many godparents can I have or do I need?
According to Canon Law, you are required to have at least one active, confirmed Roman Catholic Godparent who is in good standing with the Church.

What are the requirements for someone to be allowed to serve as a Godparent/Sponsor?
  • Someone over 16 years of age who is in good standing with the Church. This means that they have received the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation. If they are married, they must have a marriage recognized by the Catholic Church. 
  • Their pastor signs the Godparent Certification Form validating that they are registered in a Catholic Church parish and actively participating in the Sacraments. 
  • The Godparent Certification Form must be completed and turned in two weeks before the Baptism.
  • Click here to download “Godparent Certification Form”
  • Must have attended a baptismal preparation program. 
  • If there are two Godparents, they must be of the opposite sex. 
  • If someone was ever baptized as a Catholic and currently claims to “…have left the Catholic Church,” then he/she cannot be a Godparent or a Christian Witness.

What if the Godparents cannot be present for the Rite of Baptism?
If the Godparents cannot be present at the Baptism, proxies can be designated to answer the parts of the Godparents during the ceremony itself. They should meet the same qualifications as Godparents (refer to Question #2) but do not have to take classes. They will be listed in the baptismal record as “proxies”.

What is a Christian Witness?
  • If there is only one Godparent, another person may be able to serve as a “Christian Witness.” A Christian Witness is someone who “witnesses” the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism. The Christian Witness is an individual – at least age 16 years – who has been baptized into a Christian community with the Trinitarian Baptism formula. His/her Baptism must be recognized and approved by the Catholic Church. The Christian Witness is not a Godparent and must pledge to support the parents and/or Godparents with the child’s spiritual growth according to the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. 
  • If someone was ever baptized as a Catholic and currently claims to “…have left the Catholic Church,” then he/she cannot be a Godparent or a Christian Witness.

Who can / cannot serve as a Christian Witness for the sacrament of Baptism?
Only someone who is a:
               • Baptized non-Catholic may be a Christian Witness for the baptism. A copy or legally sworn and notarized statement  validating the Christian Baptism of a potential Christian Witness must be provided two weeks before the scheduled Baptism. 
               • A Christian Witness cannot be listed as a Godparent because their life does not witness to the practice or support  of the Roman Catholic faith to which you, as parents, are professing to your child. 
               • A Christian Witness must provide the “Christian Witness Covenant and Validation of Trinitarian Baptism Form” to the Cathedral Office of Evangelization 2 weeks before the scheduled Baptism.
               • Click here to download the “Christian Witness Covenant and Validation of Trinitarian Baptism Form”
Please note AGAIN, that If someone was ever baptized as a Catholic and currently claims to “…have left the Catholic Church,” then he/she cannot be a Godparent or a Christian Witness.
It is very important to remember that unless all of the above requirements are met or if new policies are instituted by the local ordinary, your child's Baptism may be delayed or denied. Until a parent receives a formal statement of confirmation (by email), you need to remain open for possible changes that could affect the date/time and those participating in the Baptism of your child.