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(Physical) 914 St. John Street; (Mailing) 515 Cathedral Street, Lafayette, Louisiana, 70501 337-232-1322
The Cathedral Organ
  "The organ has always been considered, and rightly so, the king of musical instruments,  because it takes up all the sounds of creation and gives resonance to the fullness of human sentiments, from joy to sadness, from praise to lamentation. By transcending the merely human sphere, as all music of quality does, it evokes the divine. The organ’s great range of timbre, from piano through to a thundering fortissimo, makes it an instrument superior to all others. It is capable of echoing and expressing all the experiences of human life. The manifold possibilities of the organ in some way remind us of the immensity and the magnificence of God."                
                                                                Pope Benedict XVI, September 2006

The pipe organ in St. John Cathedral is a masterpiece of French organ design. In the splendid acoustical environment of the Cathedral, the organ is thrilling to hear, and provides the listener with a sound experience that is unique in the state of Louisiana. The organ was installed in 1985 as part of the extensive renovation of the Cathedral.

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About the Organ

In keeping with the Acadian tradition, the organ was designed by a Frenchman, Jean-Louis Coignet of Paris, in consultation with Garry Savoie, then organist of the Cathedral, and built by the oldest organ-building firm in North America, Casavant Frères, Limitée in French-speaking Québec. Th...